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751 About Wright, Robert, b.1604
Robert was a Butcher by trade. His will written March 27, 1650 (probatecopy in
In Athorpe Collection, Sheffield City Library (Ref. AM250), letters of admin. & probate granted to Samuel Wright of Howden May 6, 1668.
In the name of God Amen The Seaven and Twentieth day of March Ao.Dni. 1650
I Robert Wright of Howden in the County of Yorke, Butcher, not haveingatt this tyme
my perfect health yett being in full and perfect minde and memory (theLord be thanked) doe hereby make my last will and Testament in maner andforme followeing;
Frist I comend my Soule into the hands of Almighty God who gave it,assuredly trusting for Salvation by and through the meritts, death andpassion of Christ Jesus my alone Saviour and Redeemer, Item I Comitt mybody to the earth from whence it came and as for the worldly estate whichGod hat bestoweth upon me I give and dispose as followeth; First I giveand bequeath unto to Thomas Wright my eldest sonne the summe of OneHundred pounde in money to be paid unto him by my Executors forth of mypersonall Estate within one moneth after he shall accomplish the age ofone and Twenty yeares, Item I give unto Josua Wright my second sonne
and his heires for ever after decease of Alice my wife, all that Messuageor Tenement (wherein I now dwell) with all the buildings Orcharde andAppurtenances thereunto belongeing to Howden aforesaid in a street therecalled Halegate, and one three rood land lyeing in Flatt feild orBown-Hill which I lately purchased of Robert Athropp of Cotnes to him andhis heires for ever soe soone as he shall accomplish the age of one andTwenty yeares and in the meane tyme my said wife to have the occupationof it, I alsoe give and bequeath unto him tenn pounds in money to bepaid unto him as soone as he shall accomplish the aige of one and twentyyeares, Item I give and bequeath unto John Wright my third sonne and hisheires for ever, All that my two acres of Land in Flatt feild in Howdenaforesaid which I purchased of George Howdale and Francis Howdale andliketwise Tenn pounds in money to be paid unto him by my Executors, ItemI give and bequeath to Alice my eldest daughter the sume
of Forty pounds in money to be paid her by my Executors, Item I give andbequeath unto Samuel Wright, Elizabeth Wright, and Jane Wright my threeyoungest Children and their heirs forever my two cottages in Kilpin neareHowden dike and half an acre of land thereunto adioynening and belongeingwith the appurtenances and all those Nine acres of Land lyeing in thefeilds of Howden aforesaid as ti is menconed and sett downe in one deedsof barggaine and sale made from Richard Dolman of Kilpin Gentleman to meand my heirs for ever beareing date Eighteenth day of March in the twoand Twentieth yeare of the raigne of the late King Charles Anno dni 1646,and whereas the said Richard Dolman as it since appeareth, had formerlyestated the same upon Richard Dolman his sonne and heire and thereforehath by his Obligation beareing date the second day of June Anno dni1648, bound him his executors and Administrators with suerties to procurethe said Richard Dolman his sonne and heire or other his heirs when he orthey shall accomplish the age of one and Twenty yeares to convey, assureand release all his or there right , title, interest and clame unto theafore mentioned Lands and everye part thereof unto my heires or assignesfor ever ; Now if in Case the said Richard Dolman or his heires shouldfale in performance of the said bond and make forfeytuyre of the same soeas my said three youngest Children cannot have good assureance of thepremises with the appurtenances made unto them according to the tenure ofthe said deede and Condition of the said bond; Then my will is, Thatthe said Bond and penalty thereof shall wholly redound and acrew untothe benefitt and advantage of my said three Children, Samuel, Elizabeth,and Jane, to be equally divided amongst them in leiw of their Childsparts and porcons and steade of the said two Cottages and nine acres ofLand, And my Executors to have noe part or benefitt thereof; And as forthe rest and Remainder of my goods and Chattells not hereby given anddisposed, I give and bequeath unto Alice my wife and Josua Wright my saidsecond sonne whome I make Executrix and Executor of this my last will andTestament; They payeing all my debts and funerall Expences; In Witnesshereof I have hereto sett my seale and subscribed my hand the day andyeare First above written,

Sealed and subscribed (signed by)
in the presence of
George Nicholls RobertWright
Robert Brearsley
Edward Wright
Thomas Wright
Wright Robert
752 Samuel Wright Yeoman of Howden and Knedlington, East Riding of Yorkshire,England. Born Howden abt. 1645 [no baptismal record probably because of Civil War], died Burlington Co., N.J. before 25 March 1690. Married 1 July 1671 to Mary
Starkey (baptized 17 February 1649), daughter of John Starkey of Knedlington.
`1675 Samuel Wright, of Nedlington, Grassman (officer in charge of grassland),
was imprisoned on an Excommunication, for refusing to pay a Demand of 4 d.for the Wages of the Parish Clerk.` [Joseph Besse, a collection of the sufferings of the people called Quakers. London. 1753. vol. 2, p.139-140.]
`Ordered that friends of Howden meeting inquire into the present condition of Samuel Wrights family ( he being prisoner at York for the truth sake ) and to bring in account the next meeting. `2 mo. 2. 1676 at Elloughton [Cave MM , East Riding of Yorkshire, record ].
`Also considering the condition of Samuel Wright of Knedlington, he being straitly
kept prisoner ( by a Capias Writt ) and his wife great with child, and his estate but
small; they sent her by Christopher Graves 10 shillings. His case to be moved next quarterly meeting. `7 mo. 7. 1676 at Shipton [Cave MM. East Riding of Yorkshire,
`Christopher Graves reimbursed 10 shillings laid out for Sam. Wright`s wife.`
11 mo. 4. 1676 at Sancton [Cave MM, East Riding of Yorkshire, record].
`There was distributed towards the releif of Saml. Wright`s wife being in weakness
and her husband in prison, by a Capias Writt persecuted by the wicked Bishop`s Officers ..... 10 shillings.` 7 mo. 2. 1677 at Hotham [Cave MM. East Riding of Yorkshire, record].
Samuel Wright emigrated with his brother Joshua Wright, embarking at Hull, England, August 1679 with his wife and children, Alice and Samuel.His daughter Mary was apparently born at sea 9 mo. (october) 25, 1679. Her birth was recorded in
the minutes of Burlington MM. Samuel Wright settled in Burlington Co. along the south side of Crosswicks Creek (deed 1 mo. (March) 1691). His name appeared on the Burlington County tax assessment list of 1684 for 285 acres. The accessors ` chosen from ye falls to Crosswicks Creek` were Joshua Wright and William Emley.
George Porter of Great Kel, Burlington Co., N.J. gave a deed 27 May 1693 to widow Mary Wright of Chesterfield for 250 acres in Chesterfield Twp.,Burlington Co. A return of survey by Daniel Leeds 3 mo. (May) 1695 for Mary Wright included 230 acres adjoining William Emley. Joshua Wright, and John Scholey, as well as 30 acres near the East Jersey line on a small brook.
Wright Samuel
753 About Wright, Samuel G.
Coate, Gardiner, and Wright Families
( In the hand of Samuel G.Wright)
Samuel Wright father of Caleb Wright had two brothers John andJoseph. John had 3 daughters Abigail, married Wm Hazleton, Elizabethmarried Samuel Reeves,
Ruth married Elias Wilson, and one son Samuel, father of Barzillai.Joseph had 3 sons, Wm. and Schooly and Joseph and five daughters Abigail,Sarah, Mary, Francis,
and Elizabeth. Samuel Wright had but one sister, Mary, married firstlyto Jonathan Schooly by whom she had two daughters Abigail and Elizabeth(wives of Daniel and
Samuel Smith) she was afterwards married to Job Ridgway by him she hadthree children Job, Jonathan, and Rebecca (now the wife of MichaelEarl). [continued by the same hand but at a different time:] Sarahdaughter of Joseph, was the second and last wife of Daniel Doughty Smithof Springfield Burlington Ccounty N.J. Francis married Luke Conrow ofMonmouth near Tinton Falls, Mary and Elizabeth was never married, WmHazleton moved to the neighbourhood of Mulaca [?] Hill, Gloucester orSalem.
John Wright below was one of 7 brothers that came from England, onesettled near Trenton, one near Croswick, one near Arneytown, one nearJacobstown (Dr Wright),
one at Wrightstown, one near Burlington, one on or at the mouth ofRancocas.
John Wright of Wrightstown Burlington County father of Samuel Wrightand Grandfather of Caleb Wright came from England, he was a Captain anda Justice of the peace under Commission of the crown of England.
Abigail Crispin wife of John Wright and sister to Mercy wife ofThomas Earl, father of Taunton Earl, the father of Caleb Earl, ThomasEarl, and Joseph Earl.
Samuel Wright, son of John was born at Wrightstown in the year 1719,and departed this life in September 1781, aged 62 years.
Elizabeth Haines, the wife of Samuel Wright was the daughter ofCaleb Haines of Evesham and sister of Mary Haines wife of Taunton andmother of Caleb, Thomas, and Joseph Earl.
Caleb Wright was married to Catharine Gardiner daughter of JnoGardiner in 1779.
see the record of their children.
Samuel G. Wright was married to Sarah Wright daughter of Robert andAnn Wright,
Robert`s grandfather was one of the 7 brothers.
Joseph Wright, son of Caleb and Catharine was married to the WiddowWadham of
Plymouth, Vally of Wyoming Pennsylvania.
[these two entries are in a different hand, ]
[identified by a pencil note as that of `H.G.W.`]
Catharine Wright wife of Caleb Wright Deceased 1st mo 1832. CalebWright deceased in 7th mo 1841 at the Residence of his Soninlaw E.Taylor, his remains were taken to his sons S.G. Wright. they were bothburied at East Branch burying ground in Upperfreehold Monmouth County New Jersey.
Wright Samuel G.
754 Male child of Thomas and Mary Wright of Howden, Yorkshire, England was Baptized in Extremis, and buried in Howden Jan. 26,1669.
Wright Son Of Thomas
755 1342876124328713427851342793 Wright Tennyson C.
756 13429551342890134297313428981243288Theron and his first wife Joy had two son`s, when the boys were very young Joy died and her mother took the boys and moved away, Theron never saw them again. Their grandmother had the boys adopted by other families soon after she arrived in Michigan. Theron married Eva and they had four children and two of the children had serious health problems and did not live to adulthood.
Up date: Thanks to we have found the boys. If the new Ancestry program would have been available in the 1980's they could have been united with their father. It is so sad their father never found them. 
Wright Theron A.
757 About Wright, Thomas, b.1630
TO THE JERSEY SHORE OF THE DELAWARE The `Flie Boat Martha` from Hull,England Thomas Wildbuys or WildcupMaster.
She arrived `at the end of Summer 1677` bring `114 passengers` for theYorkshire
Tenth, at Burlington. The following all those stated to have been aboard.
Thomas Wright wrote home to his wife Oct. 28,1677 having just arrived.
(Refr: Passenger and Ships - Penn Colony (Sheppard 974-8 S.H. pp. 143)
a. He is identified in the ship`s log or other ships document asbeing aboard.
b. He witnessed a Will, Deed or other document dated aboard ship.
THOMAS WRIGHT (1630-1706) born Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire, England,
died Burlington County, New Jersey. Married first to Mary how died andwas
buried November 18, 1672.
Before leaving England, Thomas Wright purchased (memorandum of deed 10May
1677) one-fourth of a proprietary of land in West New Jersey, part of theten shares
of Thomas Hutcheson, Thomas Peirson, Joseph Helmsley, George Hutcheson,and
Mahlon Stacy. In 1682 (memorandum of deed 19 October 1682) Thomas Wrightconveyed to Robert Hopper a house and lot in Burlington, containing threeacres,
part of his fourth in the first ten shares of the Province. On 15October 1683, Thomas
Wright received a return of survey for 500 acres along Assiscunk Creek,adjoining the
town boundary of Burlington. He also received 1 mo. 1685 a return ofsurvey by Daniel Leeds for 500 acres along the line of the Indianpurchase on the north side of Crosswicks Creek. His name appeared on theBurlington County tax assessment list of 1684 for 500 acres, theassessors `chosen from ye falls to Crosswicks Creek` being Joshua Wrightand William Emley.
Thomas Wright was a signer of the `Concessions and Agreements oftheProprietors, Freeholders, and Inhabitants of the Province of West NewJersey in America,` adopted 3 March 1676, many of the names appendedthereto being signed after this date.
Thomas Wright, Juror, Joshua Wright, Constable; and Samuel Wright,Juror were included in the list of `names of all ye freeholders andinhabitants within ye Co. of Burlington,` Court Records, Burlington, NewJersey 14 June 1680.
Thomas Wright was a member of the West New Jersey General Assembly 1683.
`Att a town meeting held by the Inhabitants of Chesterfield this 12thday of ye: 12:
mo 1693` among the signers of an agreement to pay a penalty of 3shillings for failure to appear at town meeting were Thomas Scholey,Thomas Wright, Jonathan Wright,
Robert Wright, and Benjamin Wright.
Wright Thomas
758 Thomas Wright (1681-1769) b: Chesterfield Twp., Burlington County, New Jersey September 2, 1681, d: New Hanover TWP., Burlington County, New Jersey March 1769, M:1706 to Elizabeth Parker (b:March 2, 1686, d: December 9,1757),Daughter of Humphrey and Sarah Parker of the strand of the green,Chestwick Parish, Middlesex, England. Thomas Wright was liberated by Chesterfield MM April 7, 1706 to marry Elizabeth Parker, and he was reported November 7, 1706 to Chesterfield MM married to Elizabeth Parker. WILL OF THOMAS WRIGHT February 24, 1762. Wright, Thomas, of New Hanover TWP., Burlington County, New Jersey,To Son, Ezekiel, a part of my plantation, and he is to pay his 4 sisters, Sarah Norris, Margaret Bullock, Elizabeth Bullock, and Jamima Thorn, 20 pounds each. Son Amos, the rest of my lands, and he is to pay to his sister, Lydia French, 20 pounds, and to his sister, Deborah Foxe`s children, William, Jonathan, George, Elemuel and Sarah Fox, 4 pounds each when 21. Daughter, Sarah Fox my spice box, residue to daughters, Sarah Norris, Lydia French, Margaret Bullock, Elizabeth Bullock, Jamima Thorn, and the five children of my daughter Deborah Fox, Viz., William, Jonathan, George, Elemuel, and Sarah Fox. Executors--sons, Amos and Ezekiel, and my son-in-law, John Bullock. Witnesses--Alexander Kimmings, Joseph Kirby, William Harris, Jr. proved April 15, 1769. 1769, April 12, inventory, 242.9.9 pounds, made by Alexander Kimmings and Joseph Kirby. Lib. 14, p. 46. Wright Thomas
759 About Wright, Vista Lucille
Russellville Rustler
Nov. 19, 1909
Miss Lucile Wright, twelve year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Wright who live about one mile north of Eugene, Miss Lucille Wright Succumbs to Heart Trouble and dropped dead last Thursday afternoon about 4:30 o`clock while on her way home from the Hines District school which she had been attending. She was accompanied by four or five school mates. Heart trouble is thought to have been the cause of her death. Lucile was a bright girl, well liked by the people of that neighborhood and a favorite with her school teacher. She was especailly studious in school, always standing high in her class. Her parents are two of Cole County`s substatial farmers and the loss of their daughter comes as a cloud burst from a clear sky. She is survived by one sister and one brother. Funeral and burial services were conducted at Spring Garden last Friday afternoon to which a large crowd of sorrowing friends and relatives attended. The Rustler extends sympathy to the bereaved parents and friends. no marker at Spring Garden parents- Joseph Lee Wright and Lena R. Simpson grandparents; James A. Simpson and Anna Davidson Simpson Henry Anthony Wright and wife Minerva Jane Melton Wright 
Wright Vista Lucille
760 134199513430301249824134299213427501343005Wilbur had a wonderful voice and he sang at our wedding. He lost his first wife Mona and his son Billy in a fire. He suffered burns trying to save them. He married his nurse, and several years later at his carpet store in Colorado Springs while trying to clean a carpet the cleaning fluid exploded and his clothes caught fire and he was severely burned and died a few days later. Wright Wilbur V.
761 In 1850 Marion Co. living with William Clazzet. Occupation is Tailor.William Clazzet`s ocupation is also Tailor. May be living with the Clazzet`s to learn the Tailor trade. Clazzet`s are not related, they were born in Kentucky.
Found a C.W. Wright in Scott Co., Iowa in 1860, This is where Hardman P. Wright settled. Could not find him after 1860. He did not have a family and he may have died in the Civil War.
Wright William
762 About Zavadil, John A.
John A. Zavadil is one of the owners and editors of the Democrat,published at Humphrey, and the greater part of his life has been devotedto the printing business. He was born at Yankton, South Dakota, June 21,1886, a son of I. W. and Blanche (Latimer) Zavadil, who were natives of Bohemia and Pennsylvania respectively. At an early period in the development of Nebraska they came to this state, I. W. Zavadil making the journey with his father during his childhood days. The paternal grandfather was a farmer by occupation and devoted the remainder of his life to general agricultural pursuits in this state. I. W. Zavadil learned the tinner`s trade and afterward went to Yankton, South Dakota, where he was employed along that line for several years. He afterward patented and manufactured a music rack, the sale of which brought him a very handsome income. He removed to Portland, Oregon, where he engaged in the hardware business for a year and a half, but was unable to stand the climate there and returned eastward, settling at Wahoo, Nebraska, where he again worked at the tinner`s trade for some time. He afterward came to Humphrey and entered into partnership with Judge Ratterman in the hardware business, this connection being maintained until 1893 when Mr.Zavadil traded his interest for a farm in Boone county. He then removed to Hamilton, Missouri, where he worked at his trade for two years, when he went to Washington, Missouri, spending six years at his trade there. On the expiration of that period he once more became a resident of Humphrey, where he passed the remainder of his days. He was accidentally killed by a train at Platte Center on the 24th of July, 1912. His widow survives and yet makes her home in Humphrey.

Because of the various removals of his parents John A. Zavadil pursued his education in many places and when fourteen years of age began to learn the printer`s trade, which he mastered. He was afterward employed in a wholesale dry goods house in Minneapolis for a year and then went to South Dakota, where he again worked at his trade for a time. Later he returned to Humphrey, where he was employed at the printing business until 1910, when he went to Fremont, Nebraska, where he had charge of the Herald office until the fall of 1913. He then purchased the plant of the Post at Lindsay, Nebraska, continuing the publication of that paper until February, 1914, when he again came to Humphrey and took charge of the office of the Democrat, which he had previously purchased in October,1913. He has since continued the publication of this paper, in which he has as a partner Mrs. Louise Karthaus, their business being conducted under the firm style of Zavadil & Karthaus. The paper has a circulation of one thousand and is an attractive sheet in its mechanical construction and in the character of the news furnished the public. The office is splendidly equipped with all modern improvements known to the printing business and contains a unitype machine.
In January, 1910, Mr. Zavadil was married to Miss Lillie Karthaus, a daughter of Casper and Louise (Reiss) Karthaus, the former a native of Germany and the latter of Elgin, Illinois. On coming to the new world her father settled at Westpoint, Nebraska, which was then a frontier town, and in that locality worked as a farm hand for some time, but later removed to Humphrey, where he engaged in the liquor business throughout his remaining days, his death occurring in 1901. Mr. and Mrs. Zavadilhave one child, I. Wayne, who was born March 9, 1911. The religious faith of the family is that of the Catholic church and Mr. Zavadil is a member of the Knights of Columbus. He is prominent in local political circles and is now serving on the democratic central committee in his district. His paper is published in the interests of that party and he does all in his power to secure the adoption of its principles.
Zavadil John A.
763 13631781243163
About Zeiner, Mary Ann
Born in Germany Immigrated in 1853 to the US. REISS, MARY ANN (ZEINER) [August 10, 1833 - June 10, 1908] Columbus Journal, June 17, 1908,pg.5 Humphrey: Mrs. Jacob Reiss for many years a resident of this city and the Creston neighborhood died at her home in this city about five o`clock Wednesday evening after an illness of a complication of diseases lasting for three or four weeks. The deceased, whose maiden name was Mary Ann Zeiner, was born in Germany in 1833. In her young years she came to America and in 1855 she was united in marriage to Jacob Reiss who departed from this life ten years ago. 
Zeiner Mary Ann

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