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151 Buried in Centralia City Cemetery, Audrain County, MO. Considine Pat
152 Widow Mary (Cooper) Middlesworth shown in 1880 census in Jackson, Brown Co, OH.
Cooper Mary
153 Annie was the daughter of Goodman Y. Coulter and his second wife Julia.
Coulter Annie
154 Burried, Bethany Presbyterian Cemetery, Bridgeville, Allegheny Co.,PA
Coulter Cynthia
155 Eldora never married. She took care of her sister Lulilie. I do not know for sure, but have heard that Lulilie had health problems and may have been mentally handicapped. Eldora and Jennie both took care of her until she died and Eldora then moved with Jennie and her family to Maryville, Mo. and this is where she died. Coulter Eldora
156 12335761243178
Grandma was born in Iowa and when she was about two or three years old she moved with her parents and grandparents Daniel and Sirena Lewis to Cuming County Nebraska where her aunt Nellie and her family were living. A few years later she moved again with her parents and her grandfather Moses Coulter to Rock County, Nebraska. After her Grandpa Coulter died her parents and all of her brother's and sister's moved to Missouri and Grandma stayed with her grandparents Daniel and Sirena Lewis and her aunt Gladys in Orchard, Antelope Co., Nebraska.
After Grandma finished school she moved to Tilden and this is where she met George Brixius. They were married in Battle Creek in Madison Co., Nebraska. When they were married Grandpa's uncle and aunt George and Minnie Reiss were with them as witness to the marriage (as seen on their marriage license). After Grandpa Peter Brixius died they moved to the farm to help Grandpa's brother Harry with the farm. After Harry died they moved into Creston where they lived for several years. After a couple more moves in Nebraska they moved to the farm in Missouri. This is the only place that I knew as Grandpa and Grandma's House as I grew up.
I spent one summer with my grandparents and learned a lot about how people lived years ago. Grandma did her washing in a wash tub with a scrub board. They had a pump in the kitchen that looked like an out door pump. That was the only water in the house. The bathroom was out the back door (out house). Grandma had a big garden and the cellar was full of her canned goods. There phone was the old wind up kind and there were 8 to 10 other families on the same line. Grandma was an excellent cook. My favorite dish that she made was Apple Crisp. After Grandpa died Grandma lived alone on the farm in Iowa, were they moved in their later years. She continued working in her garden until she was in her early 90`s. After she fell and broke her hip she moved to aunt LaDonna's.  
Coulter Faye Marie
157 Burried, Bethany Presbyterian Cemetery near Bridgeville, Allehgeny Co.,PA No Marriage and No Children.
Coulter Goodman Jr.
158 From History of Allegheny County page 416 Goodman Y. Coulter, retired farmer ,post office Bridgeville,one of the oldest citizens of South Fayette township, was born in 1804,the third youngest son of eight children born to Moses and Margery(Fawcit)Coulter, and now the only survivor of the family. Moses Coulter settled in Fayette township in an early day, and was during active life among the most prominent of it`s citizens; was an extensive farmer, and erected a mill, which he successfully operated for many years. He was a religious man,and took a prominent part in founding of Bethany Church. He died in 1825 at the age of 63 years, owning at his death some four hundred acres of land, which was equally divided among his children. [note that this article is pertaining to Goodman`s father] Goodman Young Coulter was born and reared on a farm, and educated at a log school. His first business venture was the management of his father`s grist mill, which he successfully carried on for over twenty five years,also in the meantime farming. Mr. Coulter was first married in 1825 to Euphemia Middleswarth, daughter of Moses Middleswarth, an early pioneer of Allegheny County and to this union was born eight children. After Euphemia`s death, Goodman married Julia McKown and they had three children. Coulter Goodman Young
159 12014871289160 Coulter Ivan
160 James Frederick went by the name of Fred,
Coulter James Fredrick
161 Jane is living with Joseph and Hannah in 1850, and she moved to Ohio with them and is buried in the family burial lot in Knox Co., Ohio. Coulter Jane wife of John
162 John died shortly after the family moved to Iowa. He was about 4 years of age. He is burried in the IOOF Cemetery in Brooklyn, Poweshiek Co.,Iowa. Coulter John
163 John, Mary, and Moses were born in Chester Co., Pennsylvania. This information has no actual proof. I have come to this conclusion through research on the Faucett and Young families. With the information in the 1880 census we know that Joseph was born in Virginia and his parents were born in Pennsylvania. The Faucett family moved from Chester Co.,Pennsylvania to Fredrick Co., Virginia. There were several families that moved into Virginia at about the same time period. Moses Coulter married the grandaughter of Joseph Faucett and his sister Mary married the grandson of Goodman Young. All three families move from Pennsylvania to Virginia and then back to Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. Moses son, Goodman Young Coulter and Joseph, whom I beleive to be the son of John Coulter, both married into the same family. We find John in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania in 1810 and in Allegheny Co. in 1820. We do not have a record of Joseph in 1830, but after his father died he may have been living with members of his mother's family. By 1840 he is married to Hannah Middlesworth.
Now my second reason for this conclusion comes from the naming process. Moses eldest son was named John, which in the naming process should be the name of his father. We can not know for sure if John had a son named John before Joseph that did not live and we also do not know if Joseph was his father's name or Jane's father's name. In Joseph's family the eldest son was named after Hannah's father and their second son was named John.  
Coulter John, Jr.
164 Burried in Bethany Presbyterian Cemetery near Bridgeville,Allegheny Co.,PA. There is an article in the History of Allegheny Co. about Jonathan, but the copy is to poor to read. No marriage and no children. Coulter Jonathan
165 Jane Coulter age 77 living in this household in the 1850 census. Jane went to Knox Co., Ohio with Joseph and Hannah and is buried in the same cemetery lot with them, this is in the Knox County Cemetery Book Vol. 2.
Coulter Joseph P.
166 Burried Bethany Presbyterian Cemetery, Bridgeville,Allegheny Co.,Pennsylvania Coulter Margary
167 Burried Bethany Presbyterian Cemetery, Bridgeville,Allegheny Co.,Pennsylvania. Coulter Mary Jane
168 Tombstone gives age as 8 years old. Burried in the IOOF Cemetery in Brooklyn, Poweshiek Co., Iowa. Coulter Mary Maud
169 Burried; Bethany Presbyterian Cemetery, Bridgeville,Allegheny Co.,PA `History of Alleghenry County, PA` Page 22: Moses Coulter came to South Fayette Twp [Bridgeport] about 1790. Settled near its center, west of town and above the mouth of Miller`s Run. Had sons: John, Richard, and Goodman Y. Coulter. Daughter Jane married John McDowell. Moses Coulter settled in Fayette township in an early day,and was during active life among the most prominent of it`s citizens; was an extensive farmer, and erected a mill, which he successfully operated for many years. He was a religious man,and took a prominent part in founding of Bethany Church.The new congregation of 40 members chose The Reverend Alexander Cook to be their new pastor. In 1815 they erected a house of worship on their new property and established an adjacent cemetery. By 1820 the congregation had grown to 92 members with the governing body of Session consisting of Thomas Alexander Jr., Moses Coulter, George Harriet, John Hanna and John Nesbitt. On January 3, 1821 The Reverend William Jeffery replaced Reverend Cook as pastor. In 1838 the growing congregation replaced their building with a larger brick structure measuring 50 x 70 feet. The new building was constructed by Cornelius Borland at a cost of $3,000.
Moses died in 1825 at the age of 63 years, owning at his death some four hundred acres of land, which was equally divided among his children. In the census records it show that they had four son`s and three daughter`s. In the 1800 census there is a girl 10/16 which would have meant Moses and Margery were married before 1790. This would account for the eighth child mentioned in the biography.
South Fayette property purchased by James Morrow from Moses Coulter and his wife, Margery. Recorded in Allegheny Co Deed Book DBV-16, pgs. 671 - 672. All signatures in the following document are indicated as being fully written signatures - no "X's".

Moses Coulter & wife To James Morrow

This Indenture made this eighteenth day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight Hundred and ten, Between Moses Coulter & Margery his wife of Fayat Township Allegheny County & State of Pennsylvania of the one part and James Morrow of St. Clair Township and the County and State aforesaid of the Other Part. Witnesseth that the said Moses Coulter and Margery Coulter his wife for and in consideration of the sum of one thousand Dollars paid to them in hand paid, the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Have granted bargained & sold and by these presents do grant bargain sell make over and deliver unto the said James Morrow his heirs & assigns A Certain Tract of Land situate on Colepit Run a Branch of Chartier Creek in Allegheny County Founded and Described as follows. Towit, Beginning at a White Oak Corner to William Cochran thence South eighty eight degrees West Eighty one perches & sixteen links to a stone, thence South three degrees East, one hundred and sixty five perches by Land of Daniel Hasting to a Stone, thence north eighty one degrees East one Hundred & Eleven perches to a White Oak thence by Land of Robert Murdock north fourteen degrees West one Hundred & sixty five perches to the place of Beginning containing ninety nine acres one quarter & twelve perches, Strict measure. The same Being a part of a tract of land Vested in Thomas Swearingham* by deed of conveyance dated Sept the first AD 1776. Said conveyance being made unto Thomas Swearingham by Presley Nevill attorney in fact for Robert Rutherford of Barkley County & State of Virginia Recorded in the Office of Allegheny County in Book E page 330, and in the Office of Washington County in Book M page 668. Said Tract of Land being Vested in the said Robert Rutherford by two Patents one obtained by the Commonwealth of Virginia containing xx hundred acres bearing date the 23rd of Decr. 1797. The other obtained from the CommonWealth of Pennsylvania containing sixty four and three eights acres bearing date the 24th of May 1787 Reference thereunto being had will more fully appear, and the said Thomas Swearingham by his Indenture dated the 28th Day of Oct AD 1800 did Grant and Convey the above described tract or parcel of Land to James McClure by deed bearing date the 20th day of Oct 1800, Recorded in the Offrice for Recording of deeds in the County of Allegheny in Book K. page 242 and the said James McClure by John Moore his Attorney infact did convey the above Described parcel of Land to James Marsh by deed bearing date the 30th day of September 1807, Recorded in the Office for Recording of deeds in Book O, page 537 & 538, and the said James Marsh did convey the above described parcel of Land to Moses Coulter by deed bearing date the 19th day of March 1810, Recorded in the Office for Recording Deed in Book 2 (?) page 449. To Have and To Hold the said Described tract or parcel of Land, Together with all & Singular the appurtenances thereunto Belonging or in any wise appertaining to James Morrow his heirs and assigns forever & the said Moses Coulter & Margery Coulter his wife the aforesaid tract of Land & appurtances against themselves and their Heirs & against every person or persons Lawfully claiming the Same Shall and will Warrant and forever defend. In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the day & year above written.

Witness Present - John Vance & Robert Johnston
Signed - Moses Coulter & Margery Coulter

Allegheny County SS, Before me one of the Justices of the Peace in and for Said County came the within named Moses Coulter, Margery Coulter his wife. She being separately & apart from her husband examined and acknowledged the within Indenture to be their act & Deed and desired the same to be Recorded as such. Witness my Hand & Seal this 18th day of Sept AD 1810

Signed - John Vance
Recorded 9th Oct 1810

Coulter Moses
170 Moses was born in South Fayette Twp. just south of Pittsburg in Allegheny, Co.,Pennsylvania. Sometime between 1850 to 1855 he moved with his parents to Knox Co.,Ohio. In 1857 he married Mary Elizabeth Durbin. They had eight children, all born in Knox County. Around 1875 they moved to Powesheik Co.,Iowa. After Mary died Moses lived with James Frederick his oldest son. When Ivan moved to Nebraska to Homestead Moses moved with him, Moses died in Bassett, Nebraska not long after he came. His will was written August 12,1911.
In this my last will and testament I dispose give and bequeath all my property both personal and real in the following way. 1st The payment from my estate of all personal debts incurred by my last sickness and burial and any other personal debts which I may lawfully owe. 2nd The remainder of my estate shall be divided equally in five equal shares and distributed among the following here in named persons. James Frederick Coulter, Jennie Corrough, Ivan Coulter, Joseph Durbin Coulter, Eldora Virginia Coulter.
Should any of the above not survive the distribution of the estate their children shall receive said share.Should they leave no children then said share shall be divided equally among survivors. I appoint as my Executor Frederick Coulter. (signed)M. M. Coulter.
Witnesses :
M.J. Lloyd
There was a dispute over the Will between Frederick and the Corrough`s and Eldora. There are several pages listing the disputes and by the time it was over Eldora received the bulk of the inheiritance. Joseph (Jay) and Ivan did not join the dispute and as far as I can tell they did not receive anything. 
Coulter Moses Middlesworth
171 1344655
William and Cynthia helped establish the East Liberty Church just north of Malvern, Iowa. Picture of William and Cynthia and a plaque from there son is on the wall in the fellowship hall of the church. 
Crabtree Cynthia
172 CIVIL WAR RECORD; Name: Frank W Craw , Residence: Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin Enlistment Date: 18 February 1864 Distinguished Service: Served: Union State Served: Wisconsin Unit Numbers: 3088 Service Record: Enlisted as a Private in Company I, 35th Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on February 18, 1864. Transfered on March 09 1864 from company H to company K Mustered out Company I, 35th Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on June 28 1865. Craw Francis William
Name: Frederick M Craw ,
Residence: Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
Enlistment Date: 14 August 1862
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Union
State Served: Wisconsin
Unit Numbers: 3073 3073
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private in Company A, 21st InfantryRegiment Wisconsin on 14 August 1862.
Wounded on 08 October 1862 at Perryville, KY
Died of wounds Company A, 21st Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 05 November1862 in Danville, KY
Craw Frederick Marsden
174 CIVIL WAR RECORD; Name: Marsden I Craw, Residence:Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin Enlistment Date: 14 August 1862 Distinguished Service: Served: Union State Served: Wisconsin Unit Numbers: 3073 Service Record: Enlisted as a Private in Company A, 21st Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 14 August 1862. POW on 26 December 1862 at Nolensville, TN Received a disability discharge Company A, 21st Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 13 March 1863 Obituary: The Oakdale Sentinel-May 12, 1894 MARSDEN J CRAW: Died at Oakdale on Tuesday, May 8, 1894 of old age after a lingering illness. M. J. CRAW, aged 79 years. The funeral services were held at the M. E. Church on Thursday afternoon. The remains were interred in the Oakdale Cemetery. Craw Marsden Joshaway
175 Emma Vera Cross died from Polio three days before her wedding.
From the Glenwood, Iowa Opinion 18 Sept.,1913:
The Emerson community was shocked Monday morning, September 15, to learn of the sudden death of Miss Emma Cross, daughter of George Cross. Miss Emma was never of robust health and died after a short illness of less than a week of Infantile Paralysis with diabetic complications. She was born on the home farm, near Emerson, June 12, 1886. The funeral was held at her home in Emerson, Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 16, being conducted by Rev. W.A. Morgan, her pastor for the last three years of her life. She was laid to rest beneath beautiful flowers, mute tokens of love from her many friends. Her Christian character and fidelity of friendship might well be emulated by all. She leaves to mourn her loss, a father, four sisters, the one who was soon to be her husband and a host of friends.
Cross Emma Vera
176 George Cross, citizen of England became a citizen of the United States on April 13, 1875. The naturalzation certificate was issued at Glenwood,Mills Coounty, Iowa. George Cross was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. His parents migrated from England. Cross George
177 Charlie has followed farming. A remarkable thing about this family is the fact that they have reared ten children, the youngest serving in World War II and have never had a death among them. Spent most of their married life in Kansas. They have 35 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren (as of 1948)
Damewood Charlton Ezra
178 Carter Daniel married Elizabeth Kidd. Bond 27 Jan 1812. Burgess Kidd, father of Elizabeth. Surety and Witness: Burgess Kidd, p. 73


Carter moved to Clark Co., Kentucky and lived next to his sister Frances and her husband Robert E. Ware, info from Wendell Ware. They moved to Montgomery Co., Kentucky , Dec. 21, 1810 (DB 13, P 101, Middlesex Co.). Carter and Elizabeth were listed in the Montgomery Co. census in 1830, 1840, 1860, and 1870. In 1870 they were residing at the home of their son Vivion in Montgomery Co., Kentucky 
Daniel Carter
179 Cause of Death Smallpox Daniel Chesley
180 Will of Robert Daniel, dated December 26, 1780. Daniel Robert
181 She is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery, Mexico, MO., Block `B` Lot 111 with Tilson, Robert & Jemima. Mexico, Mo. Weekly Intelligencer Aug. 6, 1891 Death of Mrs Walden. Mrs Anna Walden, mother of Mrs I. J. Sims and Mrs Ben Sims, died of parlaysis Friday evening at the residence of Capt. Clem, west of town. She was 65 years of age, one of the old residents of Audrain and had a large circle of friends. The remains will be interred today at 9 o`clock. Funeral services were held at Capt. Clem`s conducted by Rev.W.B.Taylor. Daniel Susan Anna
182 From abstract of Will of William Daniel: Left plantation and track of land he lived on to son William (along with Sarah, Mary, Ann and Agatha). His son William also received his brandy still, a table and carpet. To his sons Mosely, John, Robert, Obadiah, he left his track of Jemeco land equally. To daughters: Elizabeth, got Negro boy Ben; Sarah got a feather bed and furniture and 3 pounds sterling to buy a suit of clothes. Mosely, John, Robert and Obadiah also received a Negro woman named Kate. William also requested that his 3 youngest girls, ( Mary, Ann and Agatha) live at Jemeco upon their brothers plantations until they are married and their Negro wencheir uncle John Mosely buys for them; all the rest of my personal estate to be equally divided among my 7 children: Mosely, John, Robert, Obadiah, Mary, Ann, and Agatha. Executors: sons William, John, Robert and Obadiah. Wit: David George, John George, Ann Gardner. Daniel William, Jr.
183 In ye name of God Amen. I, Wm. Daniel Senr, of the county of Middlesex, being sick and weak of body, but of sound mind and memory, Praised be God for the same, but being uncertain how soon it will please God to call me out of this world, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following: And first, I bequeath my soul into the hands of God who gave it, hoping through the merits of my blessed Savior, Jesus Christ, to obtain perfect Remission for all my Sinns, to be received into everlasting Kingdom: and my body to the Earth from whom it was taken to be decently buryed at the discression of my Executrix hereafter named. And for such worldly goods and estate as god hath in mercy bestowed upon me. I dispose of the same as followeth. Viz: Item, I give to my son Wm. Daniel, One hundred and fifty a. of land, on which he now Liveth, with all houses and appurtenances belonging to the same, being part of the three hundred a. of land bought by me of Mr. Christ. Robinson, deceased, deceased, being the part of the land adjoined upon the Land of Daniel Long, to him the heirs of his body lawfully begotten for ever, and for want of such heirs to my son Robt. Daniel and his heirs forever. Item. I give to my loving son, William Daniel, all the cattle, horses, hogs, household goods, and one man servant named Wm. Wood, the which he is all ready possessed of, and twenty shillings to buy him a ring. The before mentioned being in full part of my estate, I intend to my son, Wm. Daniel. Item. I give and bequeath to my loving son, Robt. Daniel one hundred and fifty a. of land whereon he now Liveth, being the other part of the three hundred a. of land joining on the Byrd Run and Thos. Cordwell`s line, withall houses and appurtenances belonging to the same, to him and the heirs of his body Lawfully begotten forever, and for want of such heirs to my son Richard Daniel and to his heirs of his body lawfully begotten, and for want of such heirs, to my son, James Daniel, to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten forever, forwant of such heirs to my daughters Agatha, Katerin, Elizabeth and Ann Daniel and heirs forever. Item. I give and bequeath to my son Robt. Daniel one negro woman, Jugy, and all other movables he is possessed of, with twenty shillings tobye him a Ring, which shall be in full part of my estate I intend him. Item. My will is that my loving wife, Jocebed Daniel shall have the use and benefit of my plantation where I now live, so long as she shall live, my mind and desire being that she shall keep and employ the negros and servants I am now possessed of, and keep the stock of cattle and horses and hogs, and advance to improve and increase all the same to the joint and common advantage, profit and benefit of herself and our dear children hereafter mentioned or expressed. That is to say, one third part of all the said negros, servants, cattle, horses, and the due proportionable share of the increase and profit and benefit of the same, I give and bequeath to my loving sons, Richd and James Daniel, and my loving daughters, Agatha, Katerine, Elizabeth and Ann Daniel, to be equally divided and paid to them as they came to full age or marry; my will and mind being that my said wife at her discression shall maintain our said dear children out of the profits of my said estate provided and my will and mind is that in case my wife shall marry, then the personal estate to be divided as aforesaid; and it is also my further will, and I do hereby bequeath to my said dear wife a negro woman named Anatto, over and above hersaid third part of my personal estate, she being contented with the use of my plantation as aforesaid in full of her Dower or third of all my lands.Item. I give to my loving son, James Daniel, one track or half of the land that David Allinson Dyed possessed of in the county of Middlesex, to him and his heirs forever, lawfully begotten of his body, and want of such heirs to my son, Richard Daniel and to his heirs lawfully begotten forever, and for want of such heirs to my loving daughters Agatha, Katherina, Elizabeth and Ann Daniel and unto their heirs forever. Item. I give and bequeath to my loving son Richard Daniel the Plantation where I now live, after my loving wife`s decease to him and his heirs lawfully begotten forever, and for want of such heirs to my loving daughters Agatha, Katherine, Elizabeth and Ann Daniel and to their heirs forever.It is also my will and pleasure that my son James Daniel shall live upon the land which I have given by this my will to my loving son Richard Daniel, so long as my loving wife shall live but after her decease to remove to his own.Item. I give and bequeath to my loving son Richard Daniel my saddle, Pistles and Houlsters. Item. I give and bequeath to my loving son James Daniel one cow and calf and a gun over and above his equal part.Item. I give and bequeath to my two youngest daughter, Elizabeth and Ann five pounds a peace over and above their equal share.Item. I give to Benjm. Thacher ten shillings to bye him a pair of gloves in remembrance of me. Item. I make and authorize my dear wife, Jocebed Daniel Executrix, and my sons Richard and James Daniel Executors of this my last Will and Testament, and I do desire my loving friends Maurice Cock and John Smith Senr overseers of this my Will and Testament to see it performed: Witness my hand Seale this Eighth day of October Anno Dom. 1694 Sealed and published Will Daniel (seal)in the presents of us:William X Walker Thomas Vaux The words James and Richard William Downing Enterlined before signed Daniel William, Sr.
184 Found in 1850 census in Holt Co., Missouri, Obediah age 40 born in Ohio and Huldah age 39 born in Virginia with children; William 17 born Ohio, Benjamin 15 born Ohio, Thomas 14 born Ohio, Mariah 9 born Ohio, Elizabeth 7 born Ohio, John 4 born Missouri, Obediah 1 born Missouri.
Found in 1860 in Suisun, Solano Co., California, Obediah age 49 and Huldah age 49, children Wm G. 27, B.F. 25, Thos. R. 23, Mariah 18, Elizabeth 14, J.R. 12, Obediah 10, Dela Ann 8 born Missouri, and also there is a Anna Stanley age 59 born in Virginia living with them, this is probably Huldah's sister.
Davisson Obediah
185 Death: Head wound from a battle axe

De Talbot Sir John Earl of Shrewsb
186 Event: Census Yr 1850-00-00 Indiana

Dean Lucinda
187 May have died during the birth of her daughter Mary born 1760 Delaney Sarah
188 Baptism record at DRC of NA/NY on 22 Dec 1641: Parents: Theunis Nyssen Child: Jannetje Witnesses: Michiel ter Heyken, ficael; Rachel Vynen, Petron Lupolt Denyce Jannetje Teunis
189 Immigrated in 1638 per SCHQ, Vol. VII, p. 225. DRC New Amsterdam Banns Registration on 2/11/1640 lists: Theunis Nyssen, jm van Bunninck, Uytr; Phaebea Faelix, jd van Jarleston, in Engelt. Denyce Teunis Nyssen
190 Death: Heart stopped

Dickey Alice Barbara
191 1437444 Donnermeyer Virginia Philomine
192 Cherokee Roll #18836
Dreadfulwater John
193 Cherokee Roll #18834
Dreadfulwater Ned
194 A Mercer county, Ohio, history states the following:
"The American progenitor of the Durbin family came to this country with the colony brought over by Lord Baltimore in 1638, and settled on the spot where each of the ancestors was born and reared."
This may be so, but we could find no record of it. We did find early evidences of the family, however. In 1676, in Baltimore county, MD., Thomas Durbin bought 220 acres of land from Walter Dickerson and wife, and three years later bought 200 more acres from John Dickerson.
From later records, the Durbins appear to have been farmers and were located east of the present City of Baltimore. In the mid 1700's they spread into Harford county to the northeast and to Frederick, and finally Alleghany counties to the west. Then they spread into Greene, Fayette, and Cambira counties, Pennsylvania, before entering Knox county, Ohio. From Knox county, they scattered everywhere.
In 1699, Christopher Durbin turns up on the South Side of Patapsco Hundred. In 1702, John and Christopher Durbin were in the North Side Patapsco 100. In 1703, Christopher Durbin was taxable in South Side Gun Powder and John and William were on North Side Patapsco. In 1704, Christopher was in the same 100, John was South Side Back river, and William, with two slaves, was in the upper part, North Side Patapsco.
In 1705, John Durbin was north side Patapsco, and 1706, he was Back river. A Christopher Durbin estate was listed for Baltimore county in 1769. In 1730, John Durbin was listed among those on a levy allowance list in Baltimore county.
In 1748, on September 27, John Durbin Sr., made out his will, listing as children, John, Thomas, Daniel, William, an unborn child, daughter Averela, Hannah and Mary, and a son-in-law, James Princhard.
The Averela name is particularly interesting. It turns up twice in Harford county, MD., in 1776 , in The Susquehannah hundred, in Adams county in the 1850's. There is a Phabine Durbin listed beside Henry Durbin in Monroe township.
In 1752, we have the first evidence that the family is beginning to spread out in search of more family land. The will of a Samuel Durbin is probated in Frederick county, MD.
These early Durbins appear to have been Catholic, the faith of Lord Baltimore and his early settlers.
Then in 1756, from All Saints Parish, Fredrick county, MD., Thomas, John, Samuel and William petition Gov. Horatio Sharp.
In 1777, the Ann Durbin will is probated in Baltimore county, and in 1774, Daniel Durbin dies there.
Apparently the Durbins, shifted aroung during the war. None are listed for Baltimore county or Fredrick county in 1776, but two Averillas, and Delilah and the 34 year-old Daniel Durbin and his family show up in Harford county, MD. In 1778, John, Edward, Nicholas, William and Samuel took the patriot's oath.
Samuel Durbin served as a second lieutenant in one unit, John Durbin enlisted 6-Sep.1778 in the 4th regiment, and transferred by 15-Mar.1779 to Col. Moses Hazen's regiment. In 1783, he was listed as a prisoner of war from Capt. Carlyless' company of that regiment.
In 1790, the Durbin's had shifted to Harford and Frederick counties. Farming was probably passed in the area around Baltimore by then. Listed in Harford county, were Cassandra, with one male under 16, three females and five slaves; Daniel, with himself, two boys under 16, and four females, and one slave; and Sine, with three females.
At the same time in Frederick county there were eight Durbin families listed, none with slaves. Benjamin, with a son under 16, and eight females; Thomas, with three other males over 16, and three females; Thomas Bond Durbin, with another male over 16, two under sixteen, and four females; William, with one male besides himself over 16, four under, and 16 females; Mary, 2 males above 16, 1 under, and 3 females; Cornelius, 1,2; and John 1,2, and 5.
By 1800 they had all left Harford and Frederick, and were further west--ten werre listed in Alleghany county. Ben, Edward, Elijah, John, Nicholas, Samuel, and William were in Wills Town; David was at George's Creek, and John and John, Jr., were at upper Old Town.
In 1810, Benjamin, Edward, Stephen, and Thomas were in Richhill township, Greene county, Pa., Nicholas Sr., and Nicholas Jr., and Thomas were in Dunbar townshio, Fayette coutny, Pa., and Thomas B. Durbin was in Cambria county, Alleghany township.
In 1820, there were several Durbins living in Know county, Ohio, and they were still there in 1830. As stated, before, they reached Adams county, Indiana, by 1841, and were in numerous areas of Ohio by 1820, and 1830 census reports.
The Mercer county, Ohio history relates the following history concerning on of the Durbin branch: Basil Durbin was born in Maryland, near Baltimore June 22, 1812, and was a son of Daniel Durbin, who was born near Baltimore in 1778, Daniel's father Thomas, was a native of the same locality.
Daniel Durbin was reared on a farm, educated in Maryland, and was married in that state. his son Basil was the youngest of 13 children born to him.
Daniel located on the home farm in Maryland, removed thence to Pennsylvania in 1814 where he bought a farm and remained until 1819. Then selling his Pennsylvania farm, he emigrated to Knox county, Ohio, purchased a farm there, during the first part of his residency there not being a neughbor within 40 miles in either direction, north or west.
About 1830, he sold out and moved to Muskingham county, where he purchased 100 acres of land which was sold for taxes. This land he improved and lived upon for 20 years, and then lost it all, at least, but 16 acres, for which he sold for $100 an acre, a very good price then.
He lived in Muskingum county, the rest of his life. His first wife having died in 1814, he was married the second time, to Nancy Alkenrode, by whom he had three children, non of whom survived until 1896. He lived to be 88 (78?) years old, dying in 1856. Politically he was an old line whig; in religion he was a member of the Catholic church.
Durbin Christopher
195 August 15 1879, A Triple Tragedy. Three Young Men Meet Their Fate in a Watery Grave Wednesday morning six young men, living south of Emerson, with camping outfit, went to Red Oak, Montgomery Co.,Iowa, to work on the branch railroad. Their names were Chas. Hammock, Frank Durbin and four brothers,Thomas, Mark, Willard and Albert Campbell. They pitched their tent near the Nishna River and after supper the boys proposed going swimming. They went to the river south of the wagon road bridge and went into the water where it was very shallow, when suddenly,Chas, Mark, Thomas and Frank fell into a deep hole and not being able to swim, Chas. and Frank sank at once and did not come to the surface. Thomas sank but came to the surface and cried for help, but none could be given and the poor boy sank to rise no more. Willard could swim and swam in and saved his brother, Mark. Albert got ashore; he cannot tell how. The alarm was given and everything that could be done was done to save the boys. Two young men dove to the bottom of the hole and succeeded in bringing the bodies to the surface, which had been in the water about an hour. Thomas Campbell`s heart was beating it is said, when he was raised,but life was too far gone to save him. Late at night, word was brought to the grief stricken parents, that their boys, who but so recently had left home full of life, were dead. They were brought home Thursday morning and were buried in the Malvern Cemetery in the afternoon. A large procession followed the remains to the burial. The young men were each about 17 years of age, were kind hearted and obedient at home, and among their associates. The men will be sadly missed in the circles where they moved, and the grief striken parents and friends, have the sympathy of all who learn of the loss. `In the midst of life, we are in death.`(headstone in Malvern Cemetery: Charlie Hammack, son of C. & TA, d. 13 Aug 1879, 17y 5m 12d)headstone in Malvern Cemetery: Frank Durbin, son of J. & L. 16 Jun 1861- 13 Aug 1879) (headstone in Malvern Cemetery: Thomas E. Campbell, son of James & C.A.,d 13 Aug 1879, 17y 11m 24d. Durbin Frank
196 1363141[
Fred Durbin, the son of Joshua and Almira Durbin was born at the Durbin family homestead near Emerson, May 31,1876. Joshua and Almira each had children from previous marriages, Fred was the oldest child of this union. In 1898 he was granted a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Iowa. He returned to Malvern and was associated with the Strahan and Christy Bank until it became the Malvern National Bank, at which time he became the President of the Bank. Under his direction it was reorganized to become the Malvern Trust and Savings Bank in the 1920`s. Fred was elected to two terms in the Iowa General Assembly, as the Mills County Representative, serving from 1917 - 1921. Fred was married to Mary Christy, daughter of Charles and Maria Christy, Nov.27,1901. They had one daughter, Dorothy. Fred died December 14,1946, after 11 years of bad health following a stroke. Mary died in Omaha, Nebraska, June 12,1962. Both were members of the Malvern Methodist Church. Both are buried in the Malvern Cemetery.
Durbin Fred
197 1363145 Durbin Ivan
198 1363148James `Jim` son of Joshua and Louisa( Babbs)Durbin was born 16 Jan 1868 at Windham (near Cosgrove)Johnson Co. IA. He died 31 Oct 1948 at home,Indian Creek twp. Mills Co. Ia. buried __ Nov. 1948 Indian Creek twp.Mills Co. Ia. Emerson Cemetery. Funeral was held at his home. Jim married Feb.10,1903 Margaret May (Sturgeon) Burnside, widow,at the home of the bride. Maggie was born 23 April 1873 Indian Creek twp. Mills Co. Ia. and died 28 Sept. 1967 at Murphy Memorial Hospital, Montgomery Co. Red Oak, Ia. She was buried 2 Oct 1967, Indian Creek twp.Emerson Cemetery, Emerson, Mills Co., Iowa. Durbin James
199 James Franklin Durbin, the Franklin was for Jim`s deceased brother Frank, James Franklin was known through his life as Frank and as an adult J.Frank., he was born 24 Jan 1904, Indian Creek twp, Emerson Mills Co.,Ia., he died 14 Dec. 1987 at Montgomery Co. Hospital, Red Oak, Ia. He was buried 18 Dec 1987 at Indian Creek twp, Emerson, Mills Co. Ia. J. Frank married Roberta Marion Houdyshel 3 Feb 1936 at Santa Ana, Orange Co., California. Roberta was born 14 Dec 1909 at Pomona, Los Angles Co., California. She died 26 Dec. 1991 at Montgomery Co., Hospital Red Oak,Ia. was buried 30 Dec 1991 Indian Creek twp. Emerson Cemetery Mills Co.Ia.
Durbin James Franklin
200 JAMES MARTIN DURBIN: 1880 census: just James and Ida 1900 census: w/2 kids Mildred 14, Clyde 6 1910 census: Fannie D 28, Mildred G 24, Clyde R 16 married 31 years 1930 census: James 77, Ida 68, sister Delucy 83 Occupation 1900: Teamster Occupation 1910: odd job laborer Occupation 1920: Laborer @ mfg co. Durbin James Martin

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