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101 Death: 2nd Heart Attack
Burton Leon
102 Obituary of Catherine Ingram w/o William Southern Methodist Itinerant Oct.5, 1859 Page 4 Col 2 Died June 26, 1859, Catherine Ingram, wife of Wm. Ingram at his residence in Pleasants Co.,Va. in the eightieth year of her age. She was married to Wm. Ingram Dec. 23,1804. She was the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Cameron, born and raised in Randolph co.,Va., she has been a consistent member of the M.E. Church some fifty years; she joined the M.E. Church South, under brother Amis, she was confined to her bed of affliction five months, she bore the sufferings of her long confinement with aresignation truly exemplary. She died in the full triumphs of faith. As the breath left her body it left a heavenly smile on her countenance. She was a kind daughter, and affectionate wife and a tender mother. She left her aged husband and a large circle of friends to mourn her loss; she told them that she had no fears of death, that death was no terror to her whatever. W.I. Cameron Catherine
103 Mrs. Almira Durbin, a pioneer resident of Mills county, died last Saturday morning at her home in Malvern. She had been in poor health for some time past, suffering from paralysis. Tabor Beacon - 6 Nov 1908(Malvern cemetery 23 Sep 1838 - 31 Oct 1908) Joshua Durbin, married #2 Almira (Carr) Dunn,widow, Sept 24, 1874 Montgomery Co. Ia. (The living grandson in Malvern Ia today does not remember her having a middle name) She was born Sept.23, 1838 Athens Co.Ohio and died Oct.31, 1908 Malvern, Mills Co. Ia, buried Malvern Cemetery,(Cemetery is only Malvern, was never Calvary, ref,. Malvern Funeral director of many generations) Almira came to the Durbin marriage with one child, a son Robert Emmett Dunn, born Dec. 19, 1870, married Clara Norrall, June 8,1899, he died July 14, 1934, at an Omaha Hospital. After Joshua`s death Almira and the daughters moved to Malvern until each married and established homes of their own, each living separately in Malvern, Ia. donated by James and Teresa Durbin. Carr Almira, Dunn
104 Catherine Scearce probably died in 1772 and there are documents related to her estate (1). Son Shadrach was appointed administrator of the estate which was valued in pounds at 2.6.0 and included 1 horse, 1 small steer, 5 hogs, 5 sows, 7 pigs, 2 beds, and apparel, with debts, coffin(10 shillings), rent for 1771 in pounds at 2.6.0; tobacco fees due in pounds - 1.1.9; and certain amounts owed to David Scearce and others.
Catherine Wife Of William Scearce
105 Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 15 August 1862 at the age of 20. Enlisted in Company E, 29th Infantry Regiment Iowa. Promoted to Full Corporal 7th Class on 14 May 1864 Promoted to Full Corporal 6th Class on 04 July 1864 Promoted to Full Corporal 4th Class on 01 November 1864 Promoted to Full Corporal 3rd Class on 01 December 1864 Promoted to Full Sergeant 5th Class on 15 July 1865 Mustered out Company E, 29th Infantry Regiment Iowa on 10 August 1865 in New Orleans, LA
Civil War Pension Index: Helpless Child Mary Grace Catlett 
Catlett Isaac Canrad
106 Event: Census Yr 1850 Indiana William S. Chambers Cemetery is located on a farm near Harrodsburg.
Chambers Shelton
107 James Chaney was born in Madison County Kentucky and shortly after the family moved to Estill Co.,KY His father was John Chaney and his mother was Gemima Brinkley, we have no date or location of Birth for his parents.
Chaney James
108 Nannie and family shown in 1900 census in Kansas City, MO. with 2 son`s and 2 daughter`s. George died in 1910.
Chaney Nancy A.
109 Note from Gerald L. Reigle, she was listed as deceased in `History of Allegheny County`, 1876, page 572. She was married to Ross Foster.
Chess Eliza
110 No children. Chess Elizabeth
111 Note from Gerald L. Reigle, in `History of Allegheny County`, 1876, page 572. She is listed as deceased. Listed as married 3 times, 1st To C.Steele, 2nd William Frew, 3rd Dr. Andrew Pierce. No children. Chess Jane
112 12889561288970Arthur and Carrie met near Tilden, Nebraska. Carrie was 16 when they were married. They lived on a farm near Tilden until 1907 when they moved to Norden,Nebraska. They bought a 440 acre farm and later traded it for a house in Springview, Nebraska where Arthur worked in a meat market. They lived there until 1918. In 1918 they purchased a meat market in Long Pine, Nebraska. Arthur had his first stroke while in the meat market. It only effected his hand for a short period. He was very unhappy as a butcher. He rented a farm on Buffalo Flats outside of Ainsworth (The Wheeler Place). He grew corn and oats. In 1931 he was hitching a team of horses when he had a serious stroke. Ivan was with him and helped him into the house. The stroke effected his mind and speach and left him totally disabled. Carrie moved the family to Ainsworth. They lived for three months with Rose and Glenn, Then moved to a home in Ainsworth. He had a fatal stroke 5 years later. He was especially fond of Kay, his granddaughter, who loved him and sat in his lap by the hour. Carrie`s hair turned white by the time she was 40. She ordered a wig from Sears with a lock of hair from Rose. It came back reddish. She wore it because she thought she looked to old to be Ivan`s mother. She stopped wearing it in the late 1920`s. Childs Arthur Benson
113 This was found in the 1860 census. Childs Caroline wife of Edwin Valentine
114 13360761206840 Childs Charles Eugene
115 1343823Daniel Childs was the son of William Childs and Ann Deacon. His mother died when he was about 12 years of age. His father never remarried. His father was a Butcher by trade and had aquired several properties in the town of Lutterworth, England. Daniel became a shoemaker and was very well known in the area of Lutterworth and in the town of Leicestershire. It was told by Edwin that his father made shoes for Queen Victoria and her court, before she became the Queen. One time when Daniel went to the Palace, Victoria held one of Edwin`s sisters on her lap. Daniel was very faithful in attending St. Mary`s Church of England and was given two large Bibles for his attendance. The Bibles have his name enscribed on the binding. My father was given the Bibles when he was a young man. In the front of the Bible Daniel wrote the birth and death dates of all of his children. It is written in a very pretty old English Script writing. Daniel never came to the US, he died in 1838 Childs Daniel, b.1789
116 Daniel Was the Owner of the Porter House Saloon and Boarding House in Albany, New York. This may have been the location of the origin of the Porter House Steak. I checked the history of the beginning of this cut of steak and found that it did originate in a boarding house in the state of New York in the 1800`s. They also owned a butcher shop and fish market next door to the Saloon. After Daniel`s first wife died he remarried a much younger women and they had one daughter. Daniel died when this daughter was very young. His second wife did not remarry. She can be found in the 1900 census and according to the Albany city directory she became a nurse. Childs Daniel Deacon
117 120684713360501202122129512712890681202121After Edwins father died his mother remarried and they followed Edwins older brother`s and sister to America. Edwin was only eight years old when they came to America. He is with his mother and step father in the 1850 census in Murry Twp, Orleans Co., NY, In 1860 He is living next to his mother and step father and his sister Mary Ann and her husband Marsden Craw and their family in Washington Twp, Door Co., WI. Edwin is married to a 17 year old girl,Caroline Childs. Caroline must have died or left Edwin shortly after they were married. There was never any mention of her in the family. In 1862 Edwin joined the Union Army and fought in the Civil War. CIVIL WAR RECORD; Edwin V Childs, Residence: Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin Enlistment Date: 12 August 1862 Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE Side Served: Union State Served: Wisconsin Unit Numbers: 3073 Service Record: Enlisted as a Private in Company A, 21st Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 12 August 1862. Mustered out Company A, 21st Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on June 8,1865 in Washington, DC The picture taken of Edwin during the Civil War was when the 21st Infantry Regiment was in reserve at Missionary Ridge and was stationed on the summit of Lookout Mountain. After the war he married Inez and began homesteading first in Minesota and then in Nebraska. Childs Edwin Valentine
118 No record of birth or death. All I have is the 1870 census record. Childs Frank
119 1206845 Childs Fredrick Adelbert
120 1206841 Childs George Albert
121 1206830Death: Kidney ailment

Childs Henrietta Luella
122 1206812 Childs Henry Talbot
123 Found the record of Naturalization in Albany NY. Found again in 1850 census in Patterson, NJ living with John Allen. Found again in 1870 in Outagamie Co., Wisconsin with wife Nancy B. and son Frank age 7. Found in 1880 in Denmark, Tuscola Co., Michigan with Catherine Murphy, they are both listed and widowed. From this information it seems that Nancy died before 1880. Frank may have died, because I could not find any Frank Childs of his age in the US in 1880. I do not beleive that Isaac would have left his only son. Childs Isaac Valentine
124 1202054Death: severe asthmatic attack

Childs Jennie Ann (Jane)
125 John was the first of our Childs family to move to Lutterworth. He owned a tavern in Lutterworth. He died young and his wife had to present his will and had to present wittness that it was written by John. I have a copy of this will. Childs John, b.1729
126 1289101 Childs John Merril
127 128901812068221289031 Childs Lewis Edwin
128 Obituary: The Oakdale Sentinel-December 3, 1892 Mary Ann Childs Craw died at her home in Oakdale on Sunday evening, November 27, 1892, Mrs Craw, wife of Mr. M. J. Craw, aged 72 years. The remains were interred in the Oakdale Cemetery from the M. E. Church on Thursday afternoon. Rev.Crews conducting the services. She leaves a husband, one daughter and four sons to mourn her loss. The G. A. R. Post of this place turned out in body of which the bereaved husband is an active member. Childs Mary Ann
129 I am not sure of the death date or location, I only know that she was dead before 1880 and in the 1870 census she was living in Outagamie Co., Wisconsin. Childs Nancy M. wife of Isaac Valentine
130 128912612068181289115Otto Jay moved to Idaho and started a company that produced and new type of Bean that he created with crossing other types of Beans. The company was the Great Northern Bean Company.  Childs Otto Jay
131 12016901336090134085912021221206831128913612430971281647Richard Childs carried mail in the early 1900 until they could afford to purchase land. They purchased a ranch near O'Neil, Nebraska and they lost the ranch because of the lack of rain during those couple of years. They moved to Wisner Nebraska where grandpa drove a truck for an oil company. After saving for a couple of years they moved to Omaha Nebraska and purchased a store called the Childs Meat and Mercantile. After grandma's father passed away they moved back to Tilden and grandpa helped with the farming. They lived in four different places in and around the Tilden, Oakdale, and Neligh, Nebraska. In about 1946/47 they purchased a farm just outside of Oakdale, Nebraska where they lived the rest of their lives. Childs Richard Manning
132 Found Obituary in New York City Hearld in 1854, with request for Albanypaper to copy. His name was Richard Valentine Childs. He died ofConsumption at age 29 with no record of wife or children listed.
Childs Richard Valentine
133 128461112845651284668128459812846531284604 Childs Robert Manning
134 1289079 Childs Rose Mildred
135 William was a butcher and became very wealthy with his property and the property that he inherited from his father. He owned most of the townof Lutterworth. I have a copy of his hand written will. Daniel and Ann were in Nottingham when William died and he made Daniel`s sister Elizabeth his excutress. His oldest son William was either dead or had gone to the US and was not mentioned in the will. Childs William, b.1764
136 1289130 Childs Winston Jay
137 Elizabeth was the daughter of William Clark and the sister of Sarah Jane Clark the wife of Henry Middlesworth, Moses older brother. Elizabeth is found in the 1850 census with her son Jonathan. Clark Elizabeth
138 Sarah Jane was the eldest child of William and Hannah Smith Clark, Clark Sarah Jane
139 Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley, 2d Gen. Rebecca Lyon , (7th child of Joseph ,) and Thomas Clark , had children: 1. Joseph Clark , who married Mary Smith . 2. William Clark married Hannah Smith , cousin of Mary . Clark William
140 In 1752, Ezekial recieved a grant of a thousand acres of land from Lord Fairfax on the southeast slope of Bear Garden Mountain, on Mill Creek,not far from the present day Capon Bridge. He was then thirty-two years of age and father of a family, living in a log hut west of Winchester, Virginia, Located off the main road from Winchester to the Potomac, but not out of reach of Cleaver relatives and freinds in Hopewell. These Cleavers were at the outer edge of the frontier.
Cleaver Ezekiel
141 Died of Scarlet Fever
Cleaver Mary Watkinson
142 She was buried next to her husband Anthony on the Wright farm near Brazito, MO. It is located on a farm about 1/2 mile due east of Brazito. Between Hiway 54 and Tanner Bridge Road. The site is not accessable by road it is in the center of a farm. It is located in the same location that Anthony Patented. Range 12, Twp 43, Section 30, Cole Co Missouri. The site is due east of a old log farm house now decaying and not used, and possible site of the orginal farmstead. The grave sight is small severely over grown, and typical of family plots on farm steads. Contains 9-10 burial sites total with only 3 of the 9 having any markings. Stone is standing and for Nancy reads; To the memory of Nancy C. Wright was born Feb 13th, 1792 died Aug 13, 1849 Stone directly next to Nancy has NO distinglishable markings. And is laying on the ground. Stone next in line is standing and has NO distinglishable markings. Two stones in front of Nancy`s stone have NO markings. The stones are from soft limestone and very pitted and worn. Other than being able to tell they are tombstones nothing is readable. No partial letters, Only two other stones were readable...Mrs Wilhelm Clarenbach born Sept 6, 1809 died Nov 21, 1869 and an infant Clarenbach child." This information was donated by Monty Graves Cleaver Nancy
143 Notes for Peter Cleaver Jr.
Peter and his family were Quakers. He was a weaver. In 1752 he owned land on the head Branches of Hog`s Creek in Fredeerick County, Virginia.
Cleaver Peter
144 Peter married Catherine `Gertrud` Schumacher on May 27, 1695 in Abington monthly meeting, Philadelphia County, PA. they resided in Bristol township, Philadelphia Co., (now Montgomery Co.) PA. Cleaver is not a German Name We believe that Peter`s parents left England because of Religious persecution and for this reason Peter was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He came to the United States and married a German girl.

Names having an asterisk (*) attached were naturalized by an Act of Assembly, 1708 - 1709. (names listed include)
Jacob Schumacher
Peter Schumacher *
Georg Schumacher *
Isaac Schumacher *
Jacob Schumacher Jr. *
Peter Clever *

The origins of Peter remains a mystery. Neither the date of his arrival in Germantown nor the country from which he immigrated is known. Peter Cleaver was a German Linen weaver. He is first recorded the first day of the first month in 1696, the old calender, as the purchaser of fifty acres from William Strepers, one of the 'Original Thirteen' of the Colony from Kresfield on the Rhine.

Cleaver Peter
145 William was a soldier in Holstein`s Co., 3rd Battery, PA Militia during the American Revolution.
Cleaver William
146 1342808 Coil Eva Mae
147 1277918 Cole Hattie E.
148 Sisters married brothers. Rebecca married Samuel Durbin; her sister Abimarried Thomas Durbin.
Collins Rebecca
149 Death: Many health problems due to diabetes

Conner Laura Luella
150 buried in Centralia City Cemetery, Audrain County, MO. Considine Joseph

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