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Ann Fryer  Oct 20 1829- Oct 28 1854 Ann Fryer daughter of WJ and Ann Fryer Atkins, David Jr. Atkins, Elizabeth Jane daughter of David Atkins Jr Atkins, Emily Monkess daughter of David Atkins Jr Atkins, Emma Luella (married name Walden) Atkins, Laura Williams wife of David Jr. Atkins, Lurena A. wife of William P Atkins, Luther J. Emily's son
Atkins, Mary Jones daughter of David Atkins Jr.
Atkins, Mary's son Jimmie Jones Barnett, Monroe and Rebecca Pearson Barnett Barnett, William T. and Nancy Melinda Pearson Barnett Brazier, Eliza Belle Pearson 1-6-1868 wife of William Brazier, Eliza Belle Pearson, Fowler Colorado Cemetery. Brazier, Francis Marion, Monument for Confederate Soldiers that died in Alton Prison Brazier, WIlliam  1861-1937 husband of Eliza Belle Brazier, William buried in Fowler Colorado Cemetery. Casper and Louisa Reiss Karthaus
Cloyd Elizebeth Barnes, Walden, Craw family gravestone Cynthia Adeline Galyean daughter of Shadrick and Rutha Galyean, wife of James F. Wages Cynthia Coulter 1862 - 1884 Cyrus C Braddock 1824- 1874 Cyrus G. Braddock Gravestone Dallas Fryer son of William Fryer Jr Daniel Lewis Daniel Lewis Jr. Gravestone Daughter of John Coulter age 20
Dessia Maude Wright Durbin, Anna Clarrisa daughter of James and Susannah Durbin, James and wife Susannah Braddock Edwin Valentine Childs and Inez Augusta Robins Childs Elizabeth Clark Middleswarth d. 1852 age 89 Elizabeth Fawcett Elizabeth Fryer Daughter of WJ & Ann 22 yrs 11 mo Elizabeth Fryer wife of William Jr Euphemia Middlesworth Coulter Everett J. Karthaus
George Washington Lewis Goodman Y Coulter Jr. Hannah Jane Fawcett 1828 - 1875 Hattie Cole Galyean Henry Albert and Elsie E. Wright Henry Anthony Wright and Minerva Jane Melton Wright. Henry Clay Lewis Jacob and Mary Anne Zeiner Reiss James Mitchel Galyen and Lucy Jane Murphy Galyen. Jane Ellen Wiatt
Jane Fawcett John Coulter son of Goodman John Fawcett Jonas Fawcett Joseph Lee Wright Lena Roberta Simpson Wright Luther C. and Pearl Hatcher Galyean Margery Coulter Margery Coulter daughter of Goodman Mary Jane Coulter daughter of Goodman
Melton Family Stone erected by son James Early Melton for his mother and father, Eliza Catherine and John Harris. Melton, Eliza Catherine Pitman Melton, Eliza Catherine Pitman Melton Wright buried in Tuscumbia Missouri Cemetery Melton, John Harris buried in Tuscumbia Missouri Cemetery Melton, John Harris Original Stone Melton, Lizzie Renfrow Middlesworth and Coulters in Bethany Cemetery, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania Milton, John Harris husband of Eliza Catherine Moses Coulter Moses Coulter McDowell age 5
Moses Fryer d. 1855 Nile Keith Wright Original stone for John Harris when he died in 1868. Pearson, Angeline Mashburn Pearson, Arthur E. son of Sherwood and Nancy Pearson, Clemous O. son of Sherwood and Nancy Pearson, Infant of Sherwood and Nancy twin of Bertha Pearson, James Mashburn son of Sherwood and Angeline Pearson, Laura M. Daughter of Sherwood and Nancy Pearson, Sherwood William
Peter and Mary Reiss Brixius Randolph Reynolds Galyean  
Mar 24 1842 - May 21 1914
Isabella Russell Galyean
Dec 21,1845 - After 1930
Renfrow, Egbert and Retta Renfrow, John and Paralee Pearson Renfrow daughter of Sherwood and Angeline Renfrow, William Ellis son of Egbert Richard Coulter son of Moses Richard Manning Childs and Martha Ennis Galyen Childs Robert Fawcett Sarah Ann Lewis Shew, Eli and wife Mary Adeline Hedges
Simpson, Eugene and Fanny Wright Simpson buried in Valley View Cemetery in Rocky Ford Colorado. Thomas Jefferson Lewis Thomas Thompson Van Middleswart West, Daniel son of John and grandson of Hardin West, Dena E., daughter of Daniel West, Infant daughter of Daniel West, Sallie Skaggs wife of Daniel William Fryer 1866 age 30 yrs William Fryer d. 1871 85 yrs

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